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We are experienced birth trauma, medical malpractice lawyers.

There is perhaps nothing more heartbreaking than dealing with birth trauma injury to your baby and knowing it could have been prevented or its impact reduced. We are experienced medical malpractice lawyers; our undertaking to you is to give clear, objective information and advice. We want you to be comfortable moving forward with a medical negligence lawsuit involving your child’s birth trauma. To accomplish that, we educate you and are your partners throughout. Decisions are not made for you, but with you.

Competent, experienced medical negligence lawyers are a must for you and your child who suffered birth trauma resulting in cerebral palsy or other serious injuries.

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My son and I have been involved with Barb and her team for a while now. I came to her not knowing where to turn or what to expect. From our first to our last meeting, numerous phone calls, emails, etc., we have been treated with the utmost kindness, respect, compassion and sincerity. In this situation, I felt totally OUT of my control.

Barb made me feel IN control! Always a part of things. Never were we made to feel like we were asking too many questions or asking 'silly' questions. I believe when deciding whether or not to pursue something of this magnitude, this is of tremendous importance. From the receptionist who greeted us, to meetings with Barb or her staff, we have always been made to feel welcome, and comfortable.

I can honestly say, with all my heart, that Barb and the members of her team that I have dealt with, personally, through the years, have been wonderful! Thanks to them, my son won't have that day-to-day financial burden that can make a challenging life that much MORE of a challenge. He will have peace of mind and security. Of course, the burden that I feel lifted from my mind goes without saying really. Unimaginable! Peace of mind goes a long way these days. My son has that now. He always will have that now!! Thank you to Barb and everyone at Legate & Associates. You're angels here on Earth! God Bless, - LA



We may not know all of your names or recognize your faces, but please know that we are extremely grateful for all the hard work you did on our case throughout the years. Thank you for every telephone call and photocopy that you made, every meeting you arranged, the extensive research you did to prepare our case and everything else that goes into operating a highly efficient office. You supported us in so many ways.

Thank you all so much for everything! B, S, V and KL