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There is no such thing as a car 'accident'. That is why you need a personal injury lawyer.

Car accidents often occur without warning and can be frightening. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you may find it overwhelming just dealing with the pain of your injury, ensuring you have the right medical attention and worrying how you will continue to support yourself and your family. You will also face a multitude of forms from your insurance company, and you may be contacted by insurance adjusters from your own insurance company or one representing another person involved in the collision.

Legate & Associates has a team of lawyers who specialize in car accident claims. We have team members dedicated to completing car insurance forms on your behalf. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits and compensation available to you. We address the insurance issues so that you are able to focus on your recovery.

Automobile insurance laws in Ontario are very complex. A lawyer will take the time to explain to you in detail, during your free consultation, the two ways to pursue compensation for car accident injuries: no-fault benefits through your own insurance (called accident benefits) and a lawsuit against the at-fault party in the accident.

Contact us to book a free first consultation to discuss your case. For common questions regarding car accident injuries, visit our FAQ section.

Testimonial #1

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves waving goodbye to our son as he set off to enjoy the day. We commented about how healthy and happy he looked. Shortly after that moment, we were called to the hospital. Our son had been in a car accident. As we walked into the emergency room where he was being treated, the sight of our strong, fit, vibrant, energetic son lying motionless created the worst pain a parent could possibly feel. I remember my heart aching so badly I felt as if it had dropped to the ground and was being stomped on. Adrenalin took over and our education began. We were 100% unprepared to deal with our new reality. It’s like a tidal wave hits. The whole family is affected. When the tidal wave subsides, the aftermath needs a team of experts to rebuild.

We were fortunate enough to find Barb Legate and her team. They became the experts supporting us and advocating on our behalf for accident benefits and future care. Immediately upon meeting with Barb, we felt confident that she had our very best interests in mind. It was clear that recovery was the primary goal and Barb genuinely cared about our family’s well-being. Barb and her team lifted the worry and panic from us. They used expert knowledge, organization skills, communication chains, and a host of resources to open one door after another toward the best possible opportunity for recovery of our son.

Barb’s team truly demonstrates respectful interdependence, superior intelligence, diligence and precision encapsulated in warm compassion. Their strength comes from the roots of truth and honesty and with that honesty they built support for us. When an agreement was reached at mediation, we celebrated the end of a four-year journey. At the same time, I knew I would miss the ongoing support, caring approach and cheerful competence that greeted my calls every time I had a question or concern. Have no hesitation to seek legal representation from Legate & Associates. Barb is simply the best!!! - LD


Testimonial #2

I have been an auto body heavy collision repairer since the age of fifteen when I left school because of a learning disability that our school system at the time was not able to recognize.

For twenty years I worked at my trade, and I became extremely good at what I did. I had no intention of doing anything else until one afternoon back in ’98 when I was riding my motorcycle (something I have done since I was a kid). Due to the negligence of a certain business, debris blew out on to the road and caused me and my motorcycle to crash. The nightmare begins!

I sustain a fracture of my right elbow and various bumps and bruises. I was told by the emergency room doctor that I will be ok in a few weeks. A few weeks turned into four years of surgeries and physiotherapy. Also, I lost most of the use of my right dominant arm so I was unable to return to the only work I knew and loved.

I had contacted my insurance company the day after the accident. They set me up with an insurance adjuster who told me not to contact a lawyer but to rite a letter to the business about my losses, which made me think I’d better get some legal advice.

My mom’s neighbour who is a law professor gave me Barb Legate’s name, one of the smartest, toughest women I’ve ever met, a pure professional.

The insurance company did everything in their power to discourage me. They dumped enough red tape on me to fill an Olympic size swimming pool, but Barb and her team of professionals cut through all the crap and got to what was really important (Getting me on with my life).

I appreciate everything Legate and Associates has done, and will be doing for me in the future. I don’t know where I’d be, or what I would have done without Legate & Associates.

Money doesn’t give me back what I lost, but at least I can step into the future without having to worry about it. – M.M.