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A severely injured child needs specialized legal assistance.

Parents of injured children are suddenly forced to deal with difficult and sometimes tragic circumstances. You need clear information and answers to many questions.

Just as a severely injured child needs specialized medical care, he or she also needs specialized legal attention. Some legal issues that you and your child may face include:

  • assessments and supports to assist in return to school and normal function
  • funding for future care needs and medical attention
  • funding for sensitive respite care while respecting your child’s need for consistency and sense of safety
  • funding to address the unique psychological impacts on children compared to injured adults, requiring specialized assessments
  • assessment of your child’s lost income earning potential
  • planning care giving for your child when you can no longer provide the care
  • mandatory court approval of settlement amounts for your child
  • access to and supervision of settlement funds throughout your child’s life
  • the challenge of dealing with modern family arrangements
  • the impact on ongoing relationships with siblings and the rest of your family
  • compensation to you for care and lost income while caring for your child

Each of these issues could result in recovery of damages for your child and your family. It is our job to ensure that each is carefully considered and appropriate decisions are made for everyone concerned.

Our team is experienced in dealing with a broad variety of serious personal injuries to children. These include:

  • Birth trauma and cerebral palsy
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Recreational and sports injury
  • Slip and fall injury
  • Medical malpractice
  • Fatality
  • Orthopedic injury
  • Multiple complex injuries

At Legate & Associates, your family will find the legal experience, compassion and support needed during this difficult time.

If your child has been seriously injured, please contact us to book a free first consultation to discuss your case. For common questions regarding personal injury litigation, visit our FAQ section.

Testimonial #1

One beautiful Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves waving goodbye to our son as he set off to enjoy the day. We commented about how healthy and happy he looked. Shortly after that moment, we were called to the hospital. Our son had been in a car accident. As we walked into the emergency room where he was being treated, the sight of our strong, fit, vibrant, energetic son lying motionless created the worst pain a parent could possibly feel. I remember my heart aching so badly I felt as if it had dropped to the ground and was being stomped on. Adrenalin took over and our education began. We were 100% unprepared to deal with our new reality. It’s like a tidal wave hits. The whole family is affected. When the tidal wave subsides, the aftermath needs a team of experts to rebuild.

We were fortunate enough to find Barb Legate and her team. They became the experts supporting us and advocating on our behalf for accident benefits and future care. Immediately upon meeting with Barb, we felt confident that she had our very best interests in mind. It was clear that recovery was the primary goal and Barb genuinely cared about our family’s well-being. Barb and her team lifted the worry and panic from us. They used expert knowledge, organization skills, communication chains, and a host of resources to open one door after another toward the best possible opportunity for recovery of our son.

Barb’s team truly demonstrates respectful interdependence, superior intelligence, diligence and precision encapsulated in warm compassion. Their strength comes from the roots of truth and honesty and with that honesty they built support for us. When an agreement was reached at mediation, we celebrated the end of a four-year journey. At the same time, I knew I would miss the ongoing support, caring approach and cheerful competence that greeted my calls every time I had a question or concern. Have no hesitation to seek legal representation from Legate & Associates. Barb is simply the best!!! - LD


Testimonial #2

My son and I have been involved with Barb and her team for a while now. I came to her not knowing where to turn or what to expect. From our first to our last meeting, numerous phone calls, emails, etc., we have been treated with the utmost kindness, respect, compassion and sincerity. In this situation, I felt totally OUT of my control.

Barb made me feel IN control! Always a part of things. Never were we made to feel like we were asking too many questions or asking 'silly' questions. I believe when deciding whether or not to pursue something of this magnitude, this is of tremendous importance. From the receptionist who greeted us, to meetings with Barb or her staff, we have always been made to feel welcome, and comfortable.

I can honestly say, with all my heart, that Barb and the members of her team that I have dealt with, personally, through the years, have been wonderful! Thanks to them, my son won't have that day-to-day financial burden that can make a challenging life that much MORE of a challenge. He will have peace of mind and security. Of course, the burden that I feel lifted from my mind goes without saying really. Unimaginable! Peace of mind goes a long way these days. My son has that now. He always will have that now!! Thank you to Barb and everyone at Legate & Associates. You're angels here on Earth! God Bless, - LA


Testimonial #3

We may not know all of your names or recognize your faces, but please know that we are extremely grateful for all the hard work you did on our case throughout the years. Thank you for every telephone call and photocopy that you made, every meeting you arranged, the extensive research you did to prepare our case and everything else that goes into operating a highly efficient office. You supported us in so many ways.

Thank you all so much for everything! B, S, V and KL