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Spinal cord injuries have complicated and long-term needs: legal help ensures future care and comfort.

An Acquired Spinal Cord Injury (also known as Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury or ASCI) through a car accident, fall, recreational or ATV accident, or medical malpractice, results in complicated and long-term needs for both you and your family. It often results in loss of work or educational pursuit, and creates significant care needs such as adapted housing, transportation and mobility.

We have extensive experience representing those suffering from everything from botched back surgery to swimming pool accidents to car crashes. Our clients have received millions of dollars in compensation to ensure their future comfort and their return to the dignity of helping to support their families.

At Legate & Associates, we have a long history with the Canadian Paraplegic Association. Our team members have chaired the Canadian Paraplegic Association Wheelchair Relay for several years, and previously the firm’s founder, Barbara Legate, held that position. As of 2010, Legate & Associates became Southwestern Ontario’s first partner with the Canadian Paraplegic Association in bringing its Peer Support Program to London and region. Our financial support makes this important program possible. To learn more about the Canadian Paraplegic Association, click here.

If you or a loved one has suffered from traumatic or acquired spinal cord injury, contact us for a free initial consultation. Find out if we can help.



Barb Legate and Staff,

We write this letter to you and your staff to try in some small way to show our gratitude for all the hard work put forth.

Compensation is never a substitute for any tragic event. We will always live with the regret that we could have, somehow, changed that part in our lives.

Never seeking revenge, only fairness, you have pointed the way for all sides to come together with dignity, so that all parties could agree to do what needed to be done. In part, giving us the right tools to continue our lives, and try to place this tragic part behind us.

Largely for the help with our son JR, in the support he so desperately needed. So now we can be confident that we will see him through to his full potential. No greater gift to a parent is to see their child grow with happiness and success.

There are no words within the poverty of the English language which can properly express the gratitude we feel. So with no other words, we will just say, thank you.

P.R. & L.R.