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Slip & Falls 

Were you hurt in a fall while on someone else’s property?

Serious injuries can result from a trip or slip and fall. In Ontario, the Occupiers Liability Act requires owners and those in control of premises, such as shopping malls, gyms or fitness facilities, public parks, municipal sidewalks, city streets, or private homes, take reasonable care to prevent personal injuries and see that you are safe.


Your fall may have been caused by a tripping hazard, such as a poorly placed entry rug, an oil or water spill, or ice or snow left uncleared. Your fall may have been the result of poor building design, insufficient lighting, or a failure to keep the premises clean and tidy.


The Legate & Associates team is experienced in all aspects of premises litigation. If you were injured because of a dangerous condition or a dangerous activity being carried out on someone’s premises, contact us for a free initial consultation. Find out if we can help.


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